My name is Stephen J. Jacobs,
CEO of Green Leopard, Inc.
Chui Records and Production Company


Green Leopard is my creative artist corporation, featuring my Music and Literary creations.

There is also info on other areas in my life and experience that also may be of interest.

I can be reached at

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I have many friends in the music industry who are superb musicians, Composers, arrangers and recording artists.  I want to list several of them here and encourage you to visit their online sites (after you've checked out mine, of course, Ha!) as follows:

IRVIN "MAGIC" KRAMER is a gifted guitarist, vocalist, composer, arranger and recording artist.  He is also highly skilled in the technical arena of recording and production. He has been my studio consultant for many years and has been invaluable in his assistance to me in helping me build this website.  You can access his website at:

ELEANOR ACADEMIA is an astonishing pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger and recording artist herself.  Her website is located at:

BILLY MITCHELL is a brilliant Jazz Pianist, composer, arranger, recording artist and inspiring music teacher for the many children who have been introduced to musical instruments and musicianship in his classes.  His website is located at:

ONAJE MURRAY is one of the premier Jazz and World Music instrumental performers on Vibraphones/Marimbas, a fine drummer and percussionist as well.  Onaje is also a wonderful composer, arranger, recording artist and music teacher.  His website is as follows:


PROFESSIONAL DRUM SHOP Located across the street from the Professional Musicians Union, Local 47, AFM on Vine St. in Hollywood, CA.  Owned and operated by Stan and Jerry Keyawa, who are exceptionally knowledgeable about everything involving drums and percussion.  They have a large selection of drum sets, African/Middle Eastern/Latin percussion instruments, sticks, mallets, brushes, supplies and can order anything with a quick delivery for items not currently in stock.  They also can repair, modify and create drums and percussion instruments, custom drums, hardware and accessories to order!  This is the best drum shop in the world!


AMOEBA RECORDS Located at 6400 Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood CA 90028, is a premier site for Music (CD, Vinyl, etc.) with a huge selection of recordings.  I buy my Jazz and Classical records there on a regular basis.  Upstairs is a huge collection of Movies, TV shows and series, in DVD, VHS and Blu-Ray Discs.  They have a superb selection of films, both domestic and foreign to choose from.  I shop for my movies and favorite TV shows there on a regular basis.  They have a great staff, who are very knowledgeable and always helpful to their customers.  They also offer many special sales, live performances and contests, both in-store and on their website.


INK TIP is not only a great resource for studios/production companies and directors, but also for cinematographers/actors or actresses and other entertainment industry professionals, to connect with many fine screenwriters in the Motion Picture/Television/Documentary fields.  There are hundreds of scripts in every genre by great writers.

JACQUELINE M. WHATLEY is a superb young Journalist and free-lance Writer.  She is very active in music reporting and is very much the professional.
With a recent Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology, she is very comfortable working with people from all walks of life and origins.

COPYMAT HOLLYWOOD is a great place for copies and custom computer graphics work.  Bob Gerholdt and his superb staff really care about their
customers and the quality of their products and services.

SCRIPT COPIER is a full service printing, copying and graphics company that specializes in screenplays, scripts and MP/TV/Stage and other Entertainment
Industry copy services.  Maziar Senehi is exceptionally knowledgeable and has excellent special discounts for Screenplay copies and mailing services.   


BREAKING IN TO HOLLYWOOD is run by the exceptionally talented Angela M. Hutchinson.  She has a superb resume and background in many aspects of the entertainment industry.  BiH is a great networking site for Actors/Actresses, Writers, Film Makers, Musicians and other professionals with great classes, seminars and networking events.  Now with the addition of the new Hollywood and Vine Film Festival, another great opportunity has been put in place, with another avenue for "Breaking into Hollywood".

VETERANS in FILM & TELEVISION is a great outfit specifically designed by and for U.S. Military Veterans (Active Duty, Reserve, Separated, Retired, etc.) interested in all aspects and kinds of Film, Televison and Theatre/Stage careers in the Entertainment Industry.


JAMAR JOHNSON-BROWN is an Apple Certified Technician, Website Builder, Computer Technician, Music Producer and DJ.  Highly skilled and professional, he can
be reached at

MAC HOLLYWOOD is where I go to get my Apple Computers and Mac software.  With a friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent in-house Technical
Support, I highly recommend them.

GTR CORP. & VALLEY SOUND is where I get my electronic instruments and recording studio equipment repairs and services done.  Robert "Stretch" Schoonraad, his wonderful Wife Zita, their Techs Roy and Jesse are all superb Technicians and really do a great job every time.  I highly recommend them, they can be reached at: 1-818-755-2801, 5527 Cahuenga Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601.


CARSTEN DIETZ is a brilliant Visual Effects Artist and Supervisor.  He also is an excellent Director and Photographer.  He is in high demand, yet always very professional, polite and great to work with.  He can be reached at 1-310-889-4111 and through his website.


CASS and ELEANOR ACADEMIA MAGDA (Yes, the same Eleanor Academia musician listed above) are a husband and wife team of World Class Fighters/Martial Artists and Master Sifu (Teachers) in Philippine/Southeast Asian and Jeet Kun Do Martial Arts training.  Cass is one of the few Heir Apparents to the traditions of the great Danny Inosanto and Eleanor has created the world's finest programs for Women's Self Defense classes, with branches in many, many countries and nations around the Globe.  They currently have their primary Dojo, the MAGDA INSTITUTE, located in Reseda, California USA.  Visit them at their website and take advantage of their truly superb training classes.


Because of my work in Executive Protection, Physical Security and other related assignments for my respective Security Company employers, I am required to perform Federal and California State Weapons/Firearms qualifications several times a year. Plus, I enjoy going to my three favorite local ranges anyway, just for target practice and to maintain my shooting skills.  
I highly recommend the following ranges:

THE L.A. GUN CLUB is located in downtown L.A. near Alameda X 6th Street.

THE LAX FIRING RANGE is located on Manchester Blvd. in Westchester/Inglewood, CA near the Los Angeles International Airport.

EVANS SECURITY TRAINING & RANGE is located in 201 N. Central Ave, Compton, CA.

​​All three Ranges have highly skilled Firearms Instructors on staff and on call available for individual and group training, with classes designed for everyone from novice beginners to experienced experts.



SPECIAL OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  For Military and Police Special Operations Professionals looking for the finest quality web gear and other related equipment, you deserve the best and the best is provided by James Cragg at S.O. TECH.  
Go to their website at:

TACTICAL PRO SHOP, LLC.  Great prices on quality LE/FIRE/MIL public safety equipment.  Go to their website at:

SURPLUS VALUE CENTER Located at 3828 W. Sunset Blvd., L.A., CA 90026, is a great place for Military Surplus, Survival gear and other useful items, including genuine Government surplus items.

CALIFORNIA SURPLUS MART Located at 6263 Santa Monica Blvd. x Vine St., in Hollywood, CA 90038, is another excellent source for Military and Government surplus and Survival supplies.       


MUSICIANS' INTERGUILD CREDIT UNION.  Located in the Local 47, AFM building on Vine St. in Hollywood.  They not only provide financial services for musicians, but many other entertainment business unions and organizations as well.  Plus they have better cyber-security, services and rates than any bank.

DENSON TAX & ACCOUNTING SERVICE.  Located on Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles, CA.  Christopher Denson and his staff are exceptional in their skills and client care.  His offices can be reached at 213-251-9901.

SIGNATOR ESTATE & INVESTMENT ADVISORS, LLC.  Located on:  Avenue of the Stars, in Century City, CA.  I highly recommend Theodore Saade and Jeff Han, with their wonderful staff and excellent services for both short term and long term investment and estate counseling.


DR. JESSE SHAKARIAN, DC. and his Chiropractor brother AARON (now in another State) are superb young Chiropractors.  Both are highly skilled in the specialty of FLEXION-DISTRACTION and have the custom tables to provide treatment.  They are both carrying on and refining the pioneering work of the great Dr. Edward C. Martin, DC, who was a primary influence in these treatments.  Thousands of Athletes, Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Construction workers and others have benefited from this specialized approach to Spinal Disc herniations and bulges.  Many have avoided the highly risky back surgeries, with their high failure rates, because of FLEXION-DISTRACTION and the specially trained Chiropractors like Dr. Jesse Shakarian, who are skilled in its applications.  "Dr. Shak" has offices in Beverly Hills, CA, and Pacific Palisades, CA.


AWASH is an astonishing Ethiopian restaurant that I frequent whenever possible.  Not only do they have incredibly delicious food, they also stock a fine Ethiopian Honey Wine that is just perfect with Ethiopian and other kinds of cuisine.  Remembering that Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia, was a major trading center for Spice Caravans for thousands of years, plus a very old culture and a lot of practice and experimentation helps explain why this food is not only delicious but very healthy in its dietary benefits.  AWASH is located at 5990 1/2 West Pico Blvd., L.A. CA 90035.  Telephone: 323-939-3233


THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE'S magnificent Museums and the National Zoo are excellent sources for learning, study and research for visitors in public and online.  It has been a great friend to me as a writer of stories and screenplays.  The wonderful curators, scientists and support personnel are very friendly and helpful in providing information and expertise in so many important fields of study and conservation work. I highly recommend them to everyone. 


D.O.B: October 7, 1947
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Height: 6’1
Weight: 180 lbs.
U.S. Army (1965-1969)
Vietnam Veteran (1968-1969)

Retired Police Officer / Federal Law Enforcement Agency (1995-2011)
Police Training Certification, FLETC, GlenCo, Georgia/USA BPT Class PT-508



Local 47, AFM: Lifetime Member ASCAP NARAS 1992-2018
Fraternal Order of Police
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Life Member
American Legion
NRA Life Member
Veterans in Media and Entertainment
International Screenwriters Association
Screenwriter's Network
Stage 32

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